Music Supervisors that are looking for music to place in  movies, video games, commercials, and TV Shows generally are looking for four things. Makes sure your tracks have these items:

  1. Sound Quality (from recording to mixing, to mastering) of music production is very important. Music supervisors have very well trained ears. A well mixed and mastered track is needed to pass the first round of audit.
  2. A well managed social presence with fresh content draws interest. With Movies and TV shows these days, music supervisors want artists who are actively building their careers, not just a one-off. Fans often check out artists social media, online presence, events, etc. 
  3. There is some seasonality involved in sync licensing. Timing when submitting tracks are crucial for holiday themed tracks. 
  4. The genre matters, but it's hard to say which genre is needed right at that moment. If your song isn't chosen solely due to genre, it could be needed in the future. Currently, the most requested genres are Hip Hop, Garage Rock, Electro Pop and Contemporary Soul realms.  

Now that your music is up to par with what Music Supervisors are looking for, how do you get your music in front of them? You can do this by getting your music in a Sync Licensing catalogue. 

We can connect you to the opportunity to get in the largest Sync Licensing catalogue by scoring a high Track Rating on a song review. 

Ready to get your Song Review and get certified for Sync Licensing placement? Learn more here: How to get a Certified Song Review.

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