When artists have similar names, sometimes their releases can appear on the wrong artist profile on some streaming platforms. If this happens, you need to make an Artist Seperation request.

If TuneGO has distributed your release, and your release is appearing on the wrong artist profile on a streaming platform, we can seperate your release from the other artists' profile. 

To do this, message us at support@tunego.com. When you e-mail us, include the name of your release, the URL of the profile it's currently appearing on, the URL of the profile it should be appearing on (if you have one), and the UPC. You must e-mail us from the same e-mail you distributed through. 

Once we've recieved your Artist Seperation request, it will take our partners up to 5 business days to make the change. 

If you distributed through another distributor, you would need to request that distributor to seperate it for you. 

To avoid this issue in the future, we recomend you file a Trademark for your artist name.
How do I Trademark my name?

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