We send out a monthly Royalty Report (starting roughly 90 days after the release date of your first release through TuneGO) via e-mail. This report will tell you how many downloads/streams you've had on the streaming platforms and how much royalties you've earned for the given month.

Once you’ve accrued a balance of $50 in royalties, we’ll contact you and give you the option to withdraw your funds for free. If you're distributing multiple artists on one account, the $50 includes all the artists under your account, you do not need to hit $50 per artist to withdraw your royalties for free. 

You also have the option to withdraw your funds prior to earning $50, but you’ll be charged a $5 processing fee. If you’d like to withdraw your funds before earning $50, send us a message to support@tunego.com

You have the option to receive your funds by check or by PayPal. We required a signed W-9 form (US Artists Only) on file before we can payout royalties. If you are under the age of 18 the W-9 form must be filled out by a parent or guardian and the payment will be made to that parent or guardian.

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