Step 1 - Create Artist Profiles
Step 2 - Create Song Lockers
Step 3 - Secure your music files
Step 4 - Invite Collaborators
Step 5 - Create Inspirations
Step 6 - Lock your Master Recording
Step 7 - Distribute your music 

Are you ready to make money?  Do you want to sell your music on the world’s largest music stores?  Looking to distribute your music on Spotify, Apple, Amazon , Tidal, and hundreds of music stores?  

If you answered YES then TuneGO is the place for YOU!  

Distribute your music to 100s of music stores with TuneGO Distro100™.  

TuneGO helps you get your music on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal + 100s of music stores.  

The process is fast and easy.  It’s simple to distribute your music globally with TuneGO.  

TuneGO provides you with monthly reports and collects your worldwide royalties on your behalf.  

You keep 100% of your music rights and have 100% control over your music. 

To distribute your music on TuneGO, click the Distribute button when viewing your Song Lockers inside your Artist Profiles.  

If you have any questions or want to talk with a music expert, click on the chat bubble below to speak with a TuneGO Virtual A&R.  

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