Step 1 - Create Artist Profiles
Step 2 - Create Song Lockers
Step 3 - Secure your music files
Step 4 - Invite Collaborators
Step 5 - Create Inspirations
Step 6 - Lock your Master Recording
Step 7 - Distribute your music

What’s an Inspiration?  An Inspiration is when you have an idea for a new song.  This could be the next big hit record!  We all know when inspiration hit us.  We know when greatness and magical musical ideal pop into our head.  And we don’t want to lose that magic!  

This is why TuneGO created Inspirations!

When you have the next great idea or musical concept, you need to capture the moment.  TuneGO makes that possible.  

When Inspiration strikes use the TuneGO app to capture your creativity.  You can write down you ideas, record a voice memo, or take a picture to lock your Inspiration. 

Your new Inspiration will be securely stored in your personal TuneGO Vault™. 

To capture Inspirations on the go, anywhere at anytime, simply press down on the TuneGO app icon on your mobile device and take a picture, write a note or record an audio.  It’s that easy!  

Capture your creative spark!  Don’t let your magical Inspiration disappear!  

If you have any questions or want to talk with a music expert, click on the chat bubble below to speak with a TuneGO Virtual A&R.  

Step 6 - Lock your Master Recording

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