When you clone a "Song Locker", you will have a second "Song Locker" with all the same content in the original "Song Locker". 

You will be able to include or exclude the collaborators that were in the original "Song Locker". If a collaborator is a collaborator at the "Artist Profile" level, then the collaborator will automatically also be in your new "Song Locker". 

If the original "Song Locker" was locked, your new "Song Locker" will not be locked. 

A user may need to clone a song locker if they are releasing a different version of the song. For example, the artist released a single and wants to include the single on the album but wants to add a verse, feature, etc. This will allow the artist to build on the previous version of the song instead of creating a whole new version.

How do I clone a song locker?

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