Your TuneGO Certified Song Review has a lot of fantastic metrics that will help you to assess the overall appeal of your song and its potential for commercial success. A Certified Song Review allows you to:

Read honest and independent reviews of your music from genuine music fans: 

  •  It's great to take a read of each individual review to get some personalized feedback from consumers and new fans.

Assess the hit potential of any song: 

  • Our Market Potential Forecast can show you the commercial potential of any song and where it stands in relation to thousands of other songs.

Showcase the strongest songs on EPs or Demos: 

  • A&R and industry execs are looking for hit songs, but the hits aren't always your favorite songs. They're listening for music that will resonate well with a wide cross-section of people, so you can use your TuneGO Song Review to select which of your songs rates highest and has the most commercial appeal before you send them to industry professionals.

Improve your songs or recordings: 

  • Use our data analysis and objective feedback to identify the areas of your song that reviewers were particularly drawn to and find the weakest parts of your songs or recordings so you can make improvements on future releases.

Decide where to focus marketing effort and spend: 

  • Target your music accurately to increase your fan base. Our demographic breakdown tells you who your songs appeal to most, enabling you to promote your music in the right way to the right people

How do I get a TuneGO Certified Song Review?

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