Register to TuneGO

To use TuneGO, you'll first need to register. TuneGO is free to join. 

How do I register to TuneGO? 

Create an "Artist" Profile or distribute music

When you first join TuneGO you'll be prompted to either create an "Artist" Profile or to distribute your music. 

"Artist" Profile

An "artist" can be you as a solo artist, a band you're in, a group you help with mixing, or any other group of people you want to group together.

What's an "Artist" and how do I create one?


Distribution on TuneGO is a product by TuneGO. TuneGO distribution is our way to give you free global distribution while allowing you to keep 100% of your royalties and 100% ownership of your music.

What's distribution on TuneGO?

How do I distribute a release?

Create a "Song Locker"

A "Song Locker" on TuneGO is where you store all the media related to one song. Your Song Lockers are located inside an Artist Profile. 

What's a "Song Locker" and how do I create one?

Add Collaborators

You can add other creators to your Artist Profiles and to your song lockers to collaborate with you on songs. We call these people your "Collaborators". 

What's a collaborator?

How do I collaborate on TuneGO?

Master a Song 

In each Song Locker, you can distibute one .WAV file. In order to distribute that .WAV file, you first need to set the .WAV file as a Master. Once a file is set as Master, the Song Locker will be locked and you will be unable to make any changes in the Song Locker. 

What does it mean to "Master" my song?

How do I set a Master (Step by Step)

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