"Lock my master" is the step you take in order to make your song ready for distribution. 

You can only lock one master per Song Locker and it must be a WAV file to master it. 

Once you lock your master, your Song Locker will be "locked" and you will not be able to make any changes to it. 

To set a song to Master, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Song Locker for each song on your single/EP/album within the artist. Click "Add New Locker" to add each locker. For each locker, type the locker name, then click "Create a Locker".
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  2. Upload the WAV files in their respective Song Lockers.
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  3. Once the file has been successfully uploaded, click on the "^" next to the file name, you'll see an option to download or master the file. 
  4. Set the file you want on the release as the "Master" in the Song Locker by clicking "Lock my Master".
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  5. Enter the Artist Information (Artist Name, Label Name, Track Name, and Release Type).
  6. Add Genres (Primary and Secondary (Optional)).
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  7. Add Featured Artist(s) if necessary.
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  8. Add Collaborator(s) and select a role for each collaborator if necessary.
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  9. Select Primary Language.
  10. Add Lyrics and mark as Explicit, Clean, or Non-Explicit.
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  11. If the song has been distributed before, you will need to enter the existing ISRC. If not, TuneGO will set one for you.
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  12. Confirm "Master" submission.
    You'll now see a success message that will state the following: Master is created Locker is locked.

Check out our video tutorial below.

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