TuneGO Account:  Your TuneGO Account is the account associated with your email as well as the information you put in your "Account Settings". This includes your password, name, email, social links, music store links, and photo. 

Song Locker: Song Lockers are inside of your Artist Profile in your TuneGO Vault. 

Treat each Song Locker as a space to hold all of your media regarding a single.

You can upload files, add collaborators, and start messages with your collaborators inside your Song Lockers. 

What's a Song Locker and how do I create one?

Inspirations Locker: A locker where you can upload any ideas that you come up with on the fly (voice recordings, pictures, notes, etc.). Use 3D touch to add to your ideas to your inspirations locker.

What's "My Inspirations" Locker on TuneGO?

Collaborators: After you've created an Artist Profile, you can add collaborators to it. Collaborators are the people you want to work on that Artist Profile with. For example, if you created an Artist Profile for your band, you would add your other band members to the Artist Profile using the "Add Collaborators" button. You can grant each collaborator different access to your "Artist" profile. You might want to give your manager only viewing access, but you can give your lead singer full viewing and editing rights. 

What's a Collaborator?

How do I collaborate on TuneGO?

Master: A WAV file that is ready for distribution.

How do I set a Master? (Step by Step)

What does it mean to "Master" my song?

Locked Song Locker: A locker that contains a master .WAV file that is ready for distribution. 

Vault: The Vault is your place on TuneGO to store your music securely. Inside your vault, you'll add "Artists". Then, for each Artist Profile you have, you can add Song Lockers to that Artist Profile. Within your Song Lockers, you can add files. Within each Song Locker and Artist Profile, you can add collaborators. You can decide if you want each collaborator to be able to edit your files or only view them. When your files are uploaded or viewed we track by whom and when. 

What's the Vault?

How can I use TuneGO to safely store my music?

Artist/Artist Profile: You, Your Band, and/or You as a fill-in guitarist.

What's an "Artist" on TuneGO?

How do I create an Artist Profile?

How do I change the name of an Artist Profile?

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