The Vault is your place on TuneGO to store your music securely. Inside your vault, you'll add "Artists". Then, for each Artist Profile you have, you can add Song Lockers to that Artist Profile . Within your Song Lockers, you can add files. Within each Song Locker and Artist Profile you can add collaborators. You can decide if you want each collaborator to be able to edit your files or only view them. When your files are uploaded or viewed we track by whom and when. 

Artist/Artist Profile = You, Your Band, You as a fill-in guitarist
What's an "Artist" on TuneGO?
How do I create an "Artist" Profile?

Song Lockers = A single, an EP, an Album

Add Files = WAV, MP3, DAW files, photos, voice recordings, notes 

Add Collaborators = Add the people in your band or the people in the band you fill in as a guitarist for in that Artist Profile in a specific Song Locker

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