When you first join TuneGO you'll be prompted to either create an "Artist" or to distribute your music. 

If you choose to create an "Artist", you'll basically create a profile for an artist. An "artist" can be you as a solo artist, a band you're in, a group you help with mixing, or any other group of people you want to group together.

On your TuneGO account, you'll be able to create multiple "Artist" profiles. So you can create one for yourself as a solo artist, one for a band you play the drums in, and one for a duet you're in. 

In each of your "Artist" profiles, you'll be able to choose who you want to be able to access that project. So if you don't want your bandmates to have access to your solo work or side work, you'll be able to do that by not including them in those "Artist" profiles. You can just add them to a specific Song Locker.

How do I create an "Artist" Profile? 

How do I change the name of an Artist Profile? 

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