There are 800 million monthly active Instagram users. That’s a lot of potential fans and connections!
You want to put your best foot forward on Instagram, so follow these 25 Instagram tips for musicians to do just that.

  1. Profile Image. Have a profile image that stops potential followers in their tracks. On some screens, this and your username is all someone will see.
  2. Username. Make your username easy, short, and relevant to your artist or band name. If you can make it your artist or band name, that’s even better.
  3. Business Account. If you’re on Instagram to increase your sells, you need a business account. With a business account, you get access to analytics, can create ads, and have more contact options.
  4. Link in Bio. You always want to have a link in your bio that leads to a freemium, something of value, or a sales page. Don’t just link to your main website.
  5. Bio. Your bio should give people a reason to follow you. It should tell them who you are and what they can expect to see here. Make sure they see the value in following you. Also, include an explanation of what your link goes to.
  6. Theme. You want to have a consistent look and feel to your account.
  7. Quality Content. Always post quality content.
  8. Consistent Content. You have to be consistently posting if you want to stay relevant on Instagram.
  9. Stories. Use stories to reach a wider audience and give people a look behind the scenes.
  10. Go Live. Use the live feature to connect with your followers and reach new followers.
  11. Get Inspired. Follow artists you admire and see what they post. See how you can use their ideas in your own way.
  12. Hashtags. You can use up to 30 hashtags on each post. Make sure to use hashtags that are relevant to the post. Put the hashtags as a comment, not in the caption.
  13. Tag Your Location. You’ll get more engagement and reach on your post by tagging your location.
  14. Tag Other Accounts. If you ever have an opportunity to tag another account in your post, do it! This is an opportunity to be seen in that accounts tagged photos. Just don’t be spammy about this.
  15. Collab. Swap posts with someone that is similar to you to grow both of your accounts.
  16. Last 9. Check out your last 9 posts. Make sure these represent you well and look good.
  17. Tagged Photos. Check out your tagged photos to make sure they represent you how you want to be represented. Change your settings so you have to approve tagged photos.
  18. Public Account. You have to have a public account if you want new fans to find you.
  19. Save Time. Save time by scheduling your posts. Also, put all of your hashtags in a note on your phone so you can easily find them.
  20. CTA. Always include a CTA (call to action) in the caption of every post.
  21. Fake Followers. Don’t buy fake followers! It’ll ruin your engagement percentages so your posts won’t show in feeds as much.
  22. Engage. Comment and like on posts of people that you think would like you. Be genuine, not spammy.
  23. Respond. Respond to every comment you get.
  24. Shout Out/Sponsored. If you’re getting really serious about growing your following, have accounts with a bigger following than you shout you out on their account. You can pay them or give them merch in exchange for the shout out.
  25. Edit Your Photos. Not every photo and video is going to be perfect right away. There’s another way to get the perfect look, using apps!There are many apps to up your photo and video game. Here are some of our favorites: Hyperlapse, Layout, Facetune, Perfect365. Patch, Prisma, Square Ready, Phhhoto, Boomerang, Over, Word Swag, Canva, iMovie, Pic Play Post, Ripl, Adobe Clip, Spark Video, Video to GIF, and VSCO.
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